I’m an environmental journalist based in Paris. 

My reporting focuses on climate science and solutions, environmental policy and justice. I also love writing about animals! As a journalist, I aim to fight misinformation about the climate crisis and hold the powerful to account. My favorite stories are explanatory forays into the nuances of, and solutions for, the climate and biodiversity crises.

My work has appeared in AFP, GristInvestigateWestCrosscutThe Daily CalifornianClimate Break and elsewhere. I will soon be joining Forbidden Stories, and most recently worked on the planet desk at Agence France Press, reporting on everything from wacky nature-inspired solutions to nitrogen to Malagasy mammals.

In the summer of 2022, I contributed to Harm’s Way, a multi-newsroom investigation with the Center for Public IntegrityColumbia Journalism Investigations, and Type Investigations. The investigation looked into the federal government’s only — and faulty — system for helping disaster victims, while the frequency and severity of disasters, like floods and wildfires, worsen due to climate change. I contributed two stories to this investigation – the first about flood survivors living in limbo as they await federal aid; the second a solutions-based story about a county’s effort to restore a degraded watershed.

I came to journalism after an upbringing in the arts collided with an overwhelming awareness of the climate and biodiversity crises. Growing up in Southern California, I have seen the ravages of the Anthropocene firsthand, as beaches eroded and wildfires raced across the hills. Solastalgia motivated me to learn as much about climate change as possible, and my artistic roots pushed me to find useful ways to talk about it.

I completed my undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley, majoring in Media Studies and Society & Environment. During my senior year, I joined The Daily Californian as a Weekender Staffer, writing features and commentaries about climate policy, human-wildlife conflict and rewilding honeybees.

Now I am in my final semester at Sciences Po in Paris where I will graduate with a master’s degree in journalism and environmental policy.

In my free time, I enjoy meandering through Paris, eating all of the pastries and hanging out at the dog park. (No, I don’t have a dog. Yes, I’m aware it’s kind of strange, but the dogs don’t seem to mind so I don’t care.) I also love trying new recipes, pretending to be a photographer and getting lost in literature. 

To get in touch:

Email: rochellegluzman@gmail.com
Twitter: @RochelleGluzman

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