I’m an environmental journalist from California. Currently, I’m based in Paris, where I am in the final year of a master’s program at Sciences Po – studying journalism and environmental policy.

Through long-form investigative reporting, I like to understand the relationship between nature and how governments are – to some extent – tackling the climate crisis. As a journalist, I intend to empower citizens by reporting on solutions, science and policy. My favorite stories dive deep into the essential issues of our time. What it means to live in a changing climate, the rights of nature and the derailment of geopolitics as climate change challenges sovereignty. I also like stories about animals – dogs in particular.

I remember the day I became a journalist. While driving along the Pacific Coast Highway in Southern California – passing ashen hills recently engulfed in wildfire and listening to a podcast on rewilding wolves – I was overcome with the impermanence and fragility of the environment. I understood that we are living in the age of the Anthropocene. Still, I didn’t understand why, who to hold accountable, or what to do about it. So, I sought those answers during my time at UC Berkeley, where I majored in Media Studies and Society & Environment.

At The Daily Californian, as a Weekender Staffer, writing features and commentaries about those questions (and wolves, of course). It became clear that the lifelong pursuit of truth and accountability was my calling. In my final year at Berkeley, I joined Climate Break, a podcast about climate change solutions. Here, I got bitten by the solutions journalism bug, and it has yet to let go.

Now, I am in my final year of studies in Paris. I recently finished an internship at InvestigateWest, contributing to a multi-newsroom investigation with the Center for Public IntegrityColumbia Journalism Investigations and Type Investigations. The Harm’s Way investigation looked into the federal government’s only (and faulty) system for helping disaster victims, while the frequency and severity of such disasters are getting worse due to climate change.

In my free time, I enjoy meandering through Paris and eating croissants of course! I hang out at the dog park from time to time, practice photography, learn new recipes, and get lost in literature.

To get in touch:

Email: rochellegluzman@gmail.com
Twitter: @RochelleGluzman

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